¿Quieres vender en Amazon desde Ecuador?

Welcome to the site of Aray Innovations LLC, our company focuses on exporting Ecuadorian products to the world using e-commerce platforms.

We have a presence as sellers in Amazon marketplaces.

We sell products through our brands: Sombreros Aray and Otavalo Republic.

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Ecuador is a country in South America known for its textiles, shoes, handicrafts, flowers, food and other agricultural products, we hope to take these products abroad, either for consumption by the expatriate Ecuadorian community or foreigners who appreciate our products.

We are looking for quality Ecuadorian products to introduce them to the international market.



Aray Innovations LLC is a company incorporated in Florida, United States with a presence in Ecuador.

Virgilio Enrique Aray Arteaga
Phone +593 999 771 880